Diploma in Health Care Training for the Elderly and Rehabilitation Sectors

Programme Features

This programme is designed to provide young persons with the opportunity of full-time employment in the health care and social welfare settings under supervisors’ guidance; students can develop a solid foundation in health care knowledge and personal caring skills for work at workplace.
  • Meanwhile our part-time course will train students to attain proficiency in providing holistic service to clients, with a particular emphasis on the special needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities; develop students’ ability to perform as efficient and effective health care team members in the elderly and rehabilitation services; and enhance students’ ethical conduct, academic competence, self-awareness and career planning skills for work and advanced training.
  • Strong support from Caritas Rehabilitation Service and Service for the Elderly.
  • Priority admission into CICE’s Higher Diploma in Health Care, Nutrition and Physical Fitness.
  • Affordable tuition fees for students as employed with on-the-job training.
Professional Recognition
Students who have successfully completed related modules and fulfilled the respective attendance rates are qualified to register as
  • Combined Health Worker at SWD
and will obtain
  • First Aid Certificate