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Programme Introduction

Special Features
  • Emphasis on Child Development from Birth through Age Eight
  • A large teaching team with a mix of rich academic and professional expertise to widen and deepen students’ competences in theoretical knowledge and teaching practice
  • 680 practicum hours
  • Partner with leading organizations to provide specialist training
  • Nurture personal and attitude development through mentorship scheme

Programme Objectives

  1. equip students with the practical skills and professional knowledge in education and care of children of 0-8 years;
  2. provide a multidisciplinary training to students using a wide range of teaching approaches to facilitate students to obtain a holistic understanding of child development;
  3. help students acquire a broad-based theoretical grounding in child development, diverse student needs, and curriculum development relevant to pre-school settings;
  4. develop students’ competence in curriculum planning, implementation, management and reflective practice;
  5. raise students’ awareness of the professional and ethical roles of early childhood educators within the cultural, social, economic and political contexts of Hong Kong; and
  6. help students build a solid foundation of generic skills, academic literacy and social awareness for work and degree study.


Ms. Gloria Leung
Service Head
Pre-school Education and Child Care Service
Caritas Hong Kong

The features of the programme serve to encourage students to integrate early childhood education theories in their practical experience (practicum) through choice of different modes of teaching. The students are also taught to implement the teaching strategies of “ Learning through Play” so that they are suitably prepared to become mentors responsible for the holistic development of young children.