Introduction to CICE

As one of the pioneers in promoting lifelong learning, Caritas Hong Kong has been providing community and higher education service since 1963. Today, it has developed as one of the largest educational providers, with a school network in across Hong Kong districts serving over 60,000 enrolments annually. From 1 January 2014 onwards, all community education schools were put under one name “Caritas Institute of Community Education (CICE)” for the public’s easy identification.

Caritas Institute of Community Education, as a self-financing academic institute, is one of the major collaborative partners of government bureaus and statutory bodies. Currently, CICE offers a range of full-time Higher Diplomas as well as other diverse learning programmes. These programmes are grounded on the community needs and emphasize students’ career prospects and knowledge-based skill applications, so as to prepare students well for further study and future career.



Professor Wan Sai Kee Joseph





Ex-officio Members


Rev Yim Tak Lung Joseph



Dr Lau Wai Keen Paul







Mr Chan Chee Cheung Stephen



Professor Chan Lu Shek Eric



Mr Chan Pui Lun



Dr Chan Suk Sun Dennis



Mr Chu Fu Yau Dominic, MH



Mr Lee Shung Tak Peter, BBS, JP



Ms Leung Chi Kin Gloria



Mr Man Hung Yee Joseph



Professor Ngai Sek Yim Steven



Dr Helen Tinsley



Ms Tsang Siu Mei Shirley



Ms Yan Siu Mui Annie



Ms Yu Mei Yuk Doris







Dr Fung Kwok On Patrick

In Attendance


Mr Hung Chi Chung Leo



Ms Wong Yin Ha Ann



Ms Wu Ming Chui


The success of a learning programme is attributed to many factors, and quality is undoubtedly placed on the top of the list. The upholding of such quality requires a well-developed system to ensure that the programme and its pertinent provision are comparable to those of similar programmes offered by other course providers, while having their own special features that are in line with our mission and vision.

Quality has always been the focus of attention of Caritas Institute of Community Education (CICE) of Caritas Community & Higher Education Service (CCHES). In the year of 2009, the Quality Assurance System (QAS) developed by CCHES has gained the recognition of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), which signals our unequivocal commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of our learning programmes.

The QAS of CICE is a structured manifestation of good academic practices, which clearly describes the quality assurance processes. It ensures that feedback loops, which are cyclic processes for enhancement with a collective self-critical and self-reflective attitude, link with the stakeholders to effect improvement in teaching and learning.

Programme Information

Caritas Institute of Community Education - Marketing Communications Unit
Address: 11 Caine Road, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 35 688 688
Fax: 2858 8514

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Caritas Community & Higher Education Service - Head Office
Address: Room 506, Caritas House, 2 Caine Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 3589 2398 / 3589 2246
Fax: 2530 3065

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